Custom Dice - Your design. Many Shapes & Sizes

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Custom Dice - Your design. Many Shapes & Sizes

The 1 copy-production-run concept (BGM), is run and owned by mother company, QP Group, a world renowned board games manufacturer with over 35 years’ experience in the tabletop games industry. We released our one-of-a-kind and hugely successful website in 2015 which allows game designers, whether seasoned or newbies to materialize their game ideas into a professionally printed and manufactured prototype game with full production quality and no minimum. Using our highly efficient and user-friendly online interface, designers can upload and have their designs or artwork printed on to their designated game components and shipped worldwide in 1 - 2 weeks without incurring huge setup costs and time.

Plastic dice with straight cornersPlastic dice with straight corners

The dice

Don’t underestimate the power of dice. A throw of dice determines your fate of winning or losing a game. The original die being one of the oldest gaming elements, dates back thousands of years ago, where it was originally a four sided piece used during games or for fortune telling. Nowadays, the standard, typical six-sided cube is decked with a number of dots on each side and typically comes in pairs. However, an up rise in different gaming creativity led to more dice sizes and shapes such as the D8, D10, D12, D20 which have more sides to them than the traditional D6 and is a core element in fantasy role playing games. Even though the dice was invented many years ago, it is still one of the most highly regarded, adaptable and treasured piece of gaming element in any traditional board game or modern game design.

Four sided D4 diceFour sided D4 dice

Polyhedral dicePolyhedral dice

Create your own dice

Now you’ve come up with an idea/concept for a new or existing game which requires the need of a custom dice, how do you prototype it first before going onto producing it as a mass market game? Before BGM, it was darn complicated and expensive. As our first Kickstarter project, we’re really proud of how far our team have come in developing a single-printed customizable dice using state of the art technology, the first of its kind in the tabletop games industry. With our BGM single-printed custom dice, your dice for your unique game concept no longer has to be a standard dice with red or black dots. We have a variety of shapes and sizes including D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, round or straight corners that you can customize to match your original game theme design.

Wood and plastic options with straight or round cornersWood and plastic options with straight or round corners

Our new state of the art printing technology and original manufacturing method allows us to print your simple or intricate designs onto each face of a dice in full color. Not only can you use your own artwork, but you can even choose to have a photo printed dice, where you can create a fun game out of your family member’s photos. We use industry standard plastic or wood material as the base for the dice for durability and robustness which provides good impact strength, increasing the workability and making the dice well balanced, which means once the dice is thrown, each side has an equal chance of landing facing up.

Eight sided D8 diceEight sided D8 dice

The revolutionary single custom printed dice technology

What makes our custom printed dice really special and different from the rest of the market, is that for starters, this technology and manufacturing method is the first in the games industry. The printing of the designs onto each side of a dice was the most challenging aspect when developing this item. Getting the proper sizing and registration onto each face on to the dice on this new machine is by no means an easy task. Through our R&D, we are printing using a bespoke manufacturing method that works the way we need it to work! The use of a special technique allows us to print your artwork or designs onto the dice in full color with excellent results, allowing the output to be crisp and sharp.

Twenty sided D20 diceTwenty sided D20 dice

Another reason why this new technology is wonderful is that unlike screen printing or heat transfer which is the industry standard for dice printing and is easily scratched and only available at huge quantities, we can produce your custom dice at no minimum right up to huge quantities. It is also very robust i.e. printed areas does not scratch off or fade in color easily.

Twelve sided D12 diceTwelve sided D12 dice

Wooden dice with round cornersWooden dice with round corners

How it works

Pledge for the reward that you would like plus any add-ons. Once the project ends, we will send to you a dice template for you to add your designs onto and submit back to us. We'll let you know if there are any issues with your file so it's easy on your part.That's it!

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