Custom Game Cards

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Our wide range of professionally printed playing cards and game cards at prices to suit all budgets and company needs are listed as follows.

Separated by card size:

Bridge Size Playing Cards

Bridge sized playing cards are 2.25" x 3.5" in size and are commonly used in casinos as they are a little slimmer and easier to handle. We have these cards both in premium quality and casino quality to suit your needs.

Poker Size Playing Cards

Poker sized playing cards measures 2.48" x 3.46" and are perfect for game play, marketing promotional campaign printing and for printing photos and designs on. Popular for retail reselling as family game cards and collection cards too!

Big Size Playing Cards

For those who wish to present their prints in a larger format, our supersized playing cards can double the size of your ads without doubling the costs.

Tarot Size Cards

Are you into tarot cards reading? Personalize your own sets of tarot cards with your own design and fully personalize your card reading services.

Mini Size Cards

Create decks of customized mini cards for your business needs saving you cost and space.

3.75" Hex Card Tiles

Customized hex cards are great for dynamic games that require placing hex tiles during game play.

3" Hex Card Tiles

The custom 3" hex card tiles can be printed on both sides and are a versatile gaming component for most board games, offering an element of variability and strategy to table top games.

2.54" Hex Card Tiles

The 2.54” hex card tiles with double sided full color print, provide board game designers a simple yet functional gaming element for dynamic map building or strategic movement board games.

3.5" Square Card Tiles

Custom printed square cards are popular for many board games and now you can create yours too with no minimum.

2.75" Square Card Tiles

This option is our 2nd largest custom square shaped game cards in our range of 4 sizes and is a good choice for many game designers.

2.5" Square Card Tiles

Square size game cards are a popular shape. This option is slightly larger than our smallest square size cards and is the 2nd smallest in our range of 4 sizes.

2" Square Card Tiles

Square card tiles are a popular choice for many board games and our standardized 2 inch square tiles can be personalized back and front.

Rounded Cards

Create round shaped playing cards for your own game or simply for photos.

Micro Card Tiles

Custom micro size game card tiles are perfect for game designers creating their playing pieces or for a micro card game.

Business Card Size

Some games prefer business card sized cards but with rounded corners which is exactly what we have here for you.

Domino Size Cards

Create your own domino card deck using our customizable domino sized cards on our online maker.

Trump Cards

Make your own trumps card game custom printed with your own theme and photos.

US Game Size Cards

A popular size of game cards used in the US dubbed the US game deck size cards as used in many popular card games Now available for customization.

Mini US Game Size Cards

With this popular US card size, you can order up to 256 cards per deck. To suit your trading and game card's needs, each card can be modified individually, plus if you have a card design for both the front and the back, this set is perfect for you as it is fully customizable.

Giant Size Cards

This is our largest custom card size option, offering plenty of space for interesting card designs.

Skat Size Cards

Popular standard game card size in Germany which is made popular through the German card game Skat.

Mini European Size Cards

The 44m x 67mm deck of Mini European playing cards is perfect for creating board game cards, game cards and trading game cards as it is able to display images as well as any text that is required for the game.

2.48" x 4.4" Size Cards

A top quality deck of cards in the size 2.48" x 4.4" (63mm x 112mm), with different material options, ready for you to customize with your designs, artwork and images printed in full color.

Jumbo Size Cards

Custom jumbo size cards measuring 3.5 x 5 inches can be customized on both sides with your card game design.

Photo Size Cards

The size of a standard photo, this 4 x 6 inches game card is suitable as player game cards or cards that need more space to display content.

Traditional Poker Size Cards

Traditional poker size cards measures at 2.5 x 3.5 inches and are very slightly larger than standard poker size cards. They also have a slightly larger radius on the rounded corners.

Square Corner Cards

Instead of the rounded corners that standard playing cards have, these cards have straight edge square corners.

Separated by types of customization:

Custom Cards

This range are blank cards, allowing you to tailor both the back and front, each individually in any way you like. Perfect for custom made trading cards and game cards or for those looking to create a unique deck of cards for any purpose. Up to 234 cards per deck available.

Custom Back

Enhance your brand visibility with those enjoying a game of cards by customizing the back with your images/artwork and text to suit your corporate style – be it vibrant, strong, stylish, tantalizing or elegant! Perfect for any purpose.

Custom Face And Back

This range offers extra room for creativity - print your image files on both sides and decide how you want to customize e.g. same image for each suit/number, different/same image for each card, or even each card individually customized both back and front.

Card Color And Add Text

For those who prefer to customize the backs of a deck of playing cards without images/artwork – choose a background colour from our palette of 35 colors and personalize with your very own text.

Separated by category:

100% Plastic Cards

Create your playing cards using the very best 100% 13pt plastic material providing better handling, quality and longer lasting.

Pinochle Cards

Customize your own popular Pinochle card sets containing 48 cards consisting 2 sets of 9, 10, J, Q, K, A cards for each suit.

Blank card decks

Blank card decks are great for prototyping on and to use as flash cards. We stock a variety of popular sizes and uses S30 blue core professional card stock.

Custom Game Cards For Your Card Game Design

Custom blank game cards for your board games. BGM custom game cards and custom playing cards is high quality and very durable. BGM game cards are blank on both sides ready for your designs to be applied. Whether just for a normal playing card game or as a part of an intricate board game. They can also be used for trading cards, card games or educational kids games.

Custom cards fit for any purpose

Game cards design and custom card games lets you fully customize both the front and back side of the cards with your images or artwork. Or you can print your design on one side and have the playing cards index (ace to king) on the other side for a standard 54 playing card deck.

Want more innovative ideas to use these blank cards? Business comes to mind, why not print your own product catalogue or portfolio of your work on each card. For entertainment, cardistry or casino cards player can make personalized playing cards that they prefer to use. Of course with a little bit of art and creativity they can also become a personalized gift for someone special. Our game cards uses the most high quality materials. Moreover, it’s more cost effective than creating and paying for a brochure. Great for trading card game promotions, as a corporate gift product, service flip cards, work portfolio (model agency, graphic designers, interior designers, landscape designers, fashion designers, photographers and more). Venue and catering presentation (rooms, facilities, F&B packages), educational training institutes as well as party / wedding favors pre-event promotion / invitations and much much more. The choice is endless! Our online card games creator makes it easy to upload your designs and print your card games. First of all, have your graphics designs ready for upload then add optional text or background color by choosing from a 35 different color palette.

Blank game cards are the perfect cards for designers to create card games and custom trading cards. Simply use our easy-to-use online card games creator. You can choose up to 234 cards in a deck of cards and personalize each custom card games individually or print on demand the same designs for all card games.

We offer game cards and custom playing cards printing with no minimum order and at the best price. BGM offers the highest standards of card game publishing with excellent print quality and materials. Furthermore BGM can provide expertise in color-proofing, online printing services and different coating options.

See video of a sample game card

Tutorial on making your own game card

Steps to create your own board game cards

  1. Choose a game card size such as standard TCG, bridge, mini, large, hex, square amongst many
  2. Choose a template design as your card base
  3. Choose a card stock type. We have linen and smooth as well as plastic
  4. Select the number of cards you need
  5. Select a gloss or matte finish
  6. Add an optional plain or custom box. We have tuck, plastic, tin, 2 piece box and more
  7. Enter our online game cards maker
  8. Upload all your image files
  9. Drag and drop your uploaded images to each card front and back or use our autofill option
  10. Preview your design and add to cart
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