Smooth Game Box Finishing

Smooth Game Box Finishing
Smooth Box Finishing

The smooth finish is a very common finish and can be found widespread not only on game boxes but on many different packaging for different products.

Linen Box Finishing
Gloss or Matte

1. Both are as good as each other and again, it's a personal choice. Some like it glossy so the light bounces off from it and some prefer it to be matte so there is less light reflection. The choice is yours.

Linen Gloss
Smooth Gloss

Non textured finishing with a glossy finish that gives off a brilliant sheen.

Linen Matte
Smooth Matte

Non textured finishing with a non-reflective surface.

Video Sample
Video Sample

We have created a video to show you smooth game box finishing in more detail.

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It's easy! To select this game box, choose Matte laminated (smooth finish) or Gloss laminated (smooth finish) under the finish options before you proceed to customizing your order.

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