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Total 161 items

Plain Wooden Box for Tarot size

Plain Wooden Box for Tarot size

Total 161 items
1.25"x1.75" (31.75×44.45mm)
1.75"x2.5" (44.45×63.5mm)
1.75"x3.5" (44.45×88.9mm)
2"x2" (20.8×50.8mm)
2"x3.5" (50.8×88.9mm)
2.2"x3.43" (56×87mm)
2.25"x3.5" (57×89mm)
2.32"x3.58" (59×91mm)
2.45"x3.95" (62×100mm)
2.48"x3.46" (63×88mm)
2.5"x2.5" (63.5×63.5mm)
2.5"x3.5" (63.5×89mm)
66 x 94 x 24mm
68 x 92 x 24mm
2.75"x2.75" (69.85×69.85mm)
2.75"x4.75" (70×120mm)
140 x 31 x 99mm
Hex Deck Cards
3.25"x3.7" (82.55×94mm)
3.39"x4.55" (86×115.5mm)
3.5"x3.5" (88.9×88.9mm)
3.5"x5.75" (89×146mm)
117 x 92 x 36mm
Brick Boxes For 12 Decks
Brick Boxes For 6 Decks
96 x 96 x 24mm
140 x 96 x 24mm
148 x 98 x 43mm
140 x 31 x 99mm
4.1"x5.87" (104x149mm)
4.33"x7.09" (110×180mm)
4.55"x6.26" (115.5×159mm)
5"x7" (127x178mm)
5.39"x7.28" (137×185mm)
5.39"x12.91" (137×328mm)
6.65"x7.76" (169×197mm)

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