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Custom Dices

Custom Dices [ 6 sided ]

as low as $3.21

Besides number or dot, you can design logos or graphics and custom printed on the custom 6 sided dices. The printing is long lasting and sustainable for tons of rolls.

Polyhedral Dice

Polyhedral Dice [ 10 sided ]

as low as $4.95

Feel boring on standard dice with same numbers and pips on all faces? Try the custom dice, design your own polyhedral dice, make it unique and no other dice can be replaced.

Design your own dice for your own game

Make your own unique and unusual personalized dice. we manufacture your original and unique dice. Customizable with your own design and choose from assorted colors. In particular we have different number of sides dice and different size of dices. BGM custom dices use the best quality materials. We have all type of dices, such as custom standard dice 6 sided dices,D6, Polyhedral dices 10 sided dice D10 dices or 20 sided dice D20 dices and engraved dices.

Besides playing dice games, Custom Dice is great for Personal Gifts, Marketing Events, Weddings, Company Promotions, especially for making board Games and making card games. Custom 6 sided dices is the easy to produce. Your design could be words or pictures, we can customize dice with your design and put it on one dice or many dice.

Custom Dices fascinate people who play games and many people likes to have a collection of favorite dices. Custom Dices offer a large imprint area, we recommend to brand custom dice with your own company logo, or to print different words/phrases on each side for marketing promotions.

Production runs of one dice is possible. Special dice increase the perceived value of a game, as well increases fun factor. For game producers creating a game prototype is hard to find manufacture to produce small quantities. However at we have the facility with the latest technology that we can produce one or many dice.

BGM custom dices is economically feasible and high quality dice are used to be sure the paint will not rub off with normal use. Game producers can specialized faces in small quantities for any prototype or game testing environment.

After you have design your board game or dice game with these attractive and unique dice. Finally BGM can produce high quality dice and have your dice game ideas come to life. Moreover if you are unsure about customizing dice. We'll be happy to help you develop the perfect dice games. is the leader in custom board games and custom card games print on demand service using our online board games creator. BGM is Owned and run by QP Group, an industry leader with over 30 years' experience in the table top gaming industry. An online printing service company specialises in games printing and games manufacturing. Our high standard at cost effective prices, a complete print on demand solution that is reputable in the board gaming industry. BGM is your ultimate one stop shop to publish board games with great supportive print service.

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