Custom Game Board

Custom Game Board 10”

Custom Game Board 10”

Custom Game Boards 18” x 18

Custom Game Boards 18” x 18"

Custom Game Boards 20

Custom Game Boards 20" x 20"

Custom Game Boards 20

Custom Game Boards 20" x 24"

Custom Game Boards 24

Custom Game Boards 24" x 24"

Custom Game Boards 29

Custom Game Boards 29" x 19"

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BGM's Custom Game Boards and blank board games is the highest quality and most durable in the market. Our game boards comes in various size, shape and materials to meet your prerequisite. All BGM Custom Game boards will fit in one of our custom game boxes. we can offer the best quality game board made of high quality litho wrap with chipboard inside. Game boards various size and materials to meet game design.

For durability of the folding game board, we recommend the following finishing UV coating, glossy PP lamination or matt PP lamination on the litho wrap.

BGM custom game boards can offer various thickness of game boards for any board games you want to make. Choose from square shape or rectangle shape and different folding options bi-fold or quad-folds for your board game to fit in custom game boxes.

Custom Game Board options:

  • BGM Premium - 2mm chipboard wrapped with 128gsm embossed texture art paper
  • Professional Material - 1.8mm chipboard wrapped with 128gsm embossed texture art paper
  • ESKA premium - 1.9mm ESKA blue color (1265gsm) 100% recovered paper, imported from USA.
  • Square and Rectangular Size Custom Boards from 10”– 24” to suit your board game design
  • Easy compact storage choose Bi-fold (10"-18") or Quad-fold (10"-24")custom game board.
  • For better durability choose gloss or matt lamination on the litho wrap finishing.

Contact us today if you need some advice in making your new game or any custom game parts you needs. is the leader in custom game boxes and custom game parts. Make custom board gameswith our print on demand service by using our online games creator. BGM is Owned and run by QP Group, an industry leader with over 30 years' experience in the table top gaming industry. An online printing service company specialises in games printing and games manufacturing. Our high standard at cost effective prices, a complete print on demand solution that is reputable in the board gaming industry. BGM is your ultimate one stop shop to publish board games with great supportive print service.

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