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Small Custom Play Money

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Medium Custom Play Money

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Medium Wide Custom Play Money

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Design Your Own Paper Money, custom printed play money. So there is enough game money for everybody.

Print custom printed play money to make board games for kids. An excellent teaching tool to teach your kids how to count money. Set up a role play at pretend bank or store and use Custom Paper money for exchange. Therefor spend as much as you want with custom paper money. Teach kids how to use paper bills to learn to count money in a real life simulation.

It’s easy and simple to create play money. Custom Paper Money comes in various size. So printing personalized play money is quick. Custom play money is blank on both sides. Custom Print Paper Money can add any design or any type of artworks. Materials of the paper money is 100g. Customize Play money using a white standard paper weights about 100g.

Print play money with online games builder. Download our play money template, Design your play money then upload your using board games creator online.

Take a look in our game pieces we have various play money designs and sizes of paper money for any kind of games.

Board Games Manufacturer is wholly owned and run by QP Group. An industry leader with over 30 years' experience in the table top games industry. BGM is the leader in custom board games and card games printer. Use our online games builder to make board games.

Our board games online printing services specialises in board games printing and card games manufacturing. Our high standard at cost effective prices, a complete print on demand service that is reputable in the board gaming industry.

BGM is your ultimate one stop shop to publish board games with great supportive print service.

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